Leonardo DiCaprio’s version of Romeo’s speech at Juliet’s bier was so good it moved Claire Danes to tears, nearly ruining the scene. The moment the director yelled, “Cut!,” Danes smacked DiCaprio on the arm and said, “Don’t make me cry. I’m supposed to be comatose here!”

and still no oscar

Crazy In Love (Beyoncé Cover)
Daniela Andrade

Daniela Andrade | Crazy In Love (Beyoncé Cover)

does my theme look weird or

baby cormac. but yup! that is he.
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well thank you my friend

that's cormac mclaggen friend
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what no surely not???? he looks so young

chris evans with a beard is the type of guy to take you out drinking and take you home and fuck you until you cannot walk


chris evans without a beard is the type of guy to bring you flowers and coffee before work and tell you a joke while making love